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Photo Gallery | New Haven-Style Pizzeria Opens in Bethesda

Bethesda residents can now enjoy thin, slightly charred, crispy crust pizza with fresh, high-quality products baked in two large 2000-degree coal-fired ovens. 

Where can you experience such delicious pizza? At the brand new Haven Pizzeria Napoletana located at 7137 Wisconsin Avenue.

Founder and partner, Tiger Mullen, and New Haven native Chef and pizzaiolo (male pizza chef), Mark Bergami, met through an ad that Mullen listed on Craigslist. Mullen had this concept to create a pizza institution with coal-fired ovens in Bethesda near where he lived, but he needed a talented pizzaiolo from New Haven to complete his dream. He interviewed 63 chefs with Mark Bergami being the first, and ultimately, the one he hired to be his partner.

“It was my own version of Top Chef,” joked Mullen.

The two then spent a few years proofing dough, tasting ingredients, making pizzas, researching various types of brick ovens, sampling unique Italian wines by region to compliment the pie, creating new flavors of gelato and finally looking for a space.

“I grew up eating pizza like this in New Haven. Being Italian, we cooked fresh, simple recipes with good ingredients. It’s not always finding the most expensive ingredients, it’s about handpicking the ‘right’ ingredients which we have done here,” said Haven Pizzeria’s GM Mark Bergami.

Not only did they handpick all their ingredients and unique Italian wines, they also taylor-made every aspect of their restaurant from the eight-person booths, the floor made from reclaimed wood found at an old whiskey barrel aging house in Kentucky to the 125-year-old bricks and white marble bar that was part of the floor of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

“When we found this space, we designed every part of the restaurant to fit the space, with Bethesda in mind and centered around our flavorful, unique pizza,” said Bergami.

You can’t go wrong with any of these pizzas, but the Haven White Clam pie made with freshly shucked top neck clams is a must try as well as the White Spinach and Mushroom pie. My advice? Don’t skip dessert. The creamy vanilla, chocolate and strawberry gelatos are delicious, refreshing, and made fresh daily.

Haven Pizzeria Napoletana, will also feature Foxon Park Bottled Soda, a signature family-owned beverage found in every pizza place in New Haven.

Bon Appétit!