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Photo Gallery | Casual, Fun Eatery Comes to Bethesda

“It’s important to us that we not only provide a great meal, but also a great experience for our customers,” explained Jetties Chef and co-owner David Scribner.

The popular beach themed salad and sandwich shop, Jetties, located in the Palisades area of Northwest DC is adding a few new concepts including wine and specialty beer from Nantucket Micro Brewery, Cisco in their Bethesda store, 4829 Fairmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814, opening this Saturday, October 29th.

Not only does Jetties serve inventive sandwiches like the famous Thanksgiving themed Nobadeer, with hand carved Turkey, Cranberries and Stuffing, salads, and soups; now they have added a dining experience unlike anywhere else where adults and kids can both relax and enjoy a homemade meal in a cool and casual eatery.

Kids will be able to choose from a healthy main entrée such as Baked White Fish, Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers, and Sliced Roasted Turkey along with a side and vegetable option. This meal comes with a choice of Milk, Apple Juice, or fountain drink for $8.95.

“We want it to be a kid friendly environment where they can have a healthy meal while the adults enjoy a reasonably priced dining experience,” said restaurateur and co-owner Bo Blair.

Jetties will also offer a hands-on kid’s sundae booth equipped with Gifford’s ice cream which originated a few blocks away and multiple toppings to choose from.


“We’ve noticed that kids actually like healthy food as long as it’s prepared right. They also want to be treated as adults and have ownership of something which in this case will be toppings,” Scribner said.

Jetties will also introduce reasonably priced dinner options for adults cooked and served in colorful Le Creuset pots.

“Casserole cooking is really trendy. It lends itself to comfort and is rich in flavor. It’s perfect for this time of year,” said the Chef.


They will feature five dinner crocks and one specialty including Chicken Pot Pie, a Shepherd’s Pie, Roasted Vegetable Lasagna, and Thanksgiving in a pot (Carved Turkey, cranberries, gravy, stuffing, and white bread.) They will offer a different variation of dinner crocks each season.


“We want to give our customers a break from their busy city life. Transport them not only with our food, but with our beach inspired atmosphere,” said Scribner