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Lets Be Real: I'd rather switch than fight | News

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Lets Be Real: I'd rather switch than fight

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Tonight an editorial cartoon comparing the Washington Redskins name controversy to the Nazis and the confederate south; has stoked the fires in argument that already has Washingtonians fighting mad and choosing sides.  

But I think its time for everyone to take it down a couple of notches. 

That cartoon is only a problem because this isn't really that serious, is it? Nobody's dying here. Its just an argument over a NFL team with a name that some of us think is offensive and many others do not. And Let's be Real, even native Americans are divided over the name Redskins.  

But perhaps we can agree on this: Times and sensibilities change. In 1933 when team owner George Preston Marshall named our favorite football team, you might have called your neighbor with a mental disability, a retard or the guy with the bad leg, a cripple or even a gimp. We have since realized there are kinder more civilized ways to talk about to our fellow human beings. Heck, back then 'colored' was the polite way to refer to African Americans. 

Lets give former Redskins owner George Preston Marshall the benefit of the doubt and say he meant well, 80 years ago. But lets be real, we don't really refer to people by the color of their skin any more, do we?

This would never be acceptable, so why is this? Racist? Lets just say the name Redskins has its outlived its time. And mister Snyder, its time to make it better. 


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