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Lets' Be Real: Bye Bye, Bye week! | News

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Lets' Be Real: Bye Bye, Bye week!

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- This is the perfect week for me to unload, I mean, explain my five top ways to enjoy your Sunday afternoon, when skins are taking the day off. 

Option number 5: you could spend some quality time with the significant other. Maybe even, oh I don't know, see your kids?   

Hey, its just number five. Thought I'd put it out there. Don't get crazy, because there's always option number 4: just don't tell the family there's no Skins game. Bye week? What bye week?  That way your time is still your own, besides, its not lying if you're playing Madden. 

Option number 3: I call this The Nuclear Option. Explosive to be sure, but Fallout can be a problem. And I kinda mean that literally.

Option number 2: Go to a sports bar and watch other games. You know there are 31 other teams out there. And some of them are actually winning. 

And option number 1: option for something to do when the Redskins have a bye week.   

You could go shopping! You could go shopping! Hey Dave Owens..I hear they have shirts on sale at Macy's.

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