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'Black Lives Matter' sign removed from Bethesda church | News

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'Black Lives Matter' sign removed from Bethesda church

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA9) -- A Bethesda church is wondering who keeps vandalizing their 'Black Lives Matter' sign and why.

The sign has now been stolen.

Only a wooded frame remains where the banner should be. It's been replaced several times and for the third time in three weeks the sign has been vandalized or removed all together.

River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Bethesda put up the 'Black Lives Matter' sign last month.

A few days later, someone carefully cut out the word 'black.' Leaving the words 'Lives Matter.'

At first, the church wrote on Facebook that it was saddened by their ruined sign.

But when it happened a second time, they were angry and so were neighbors. 

Then a couple of days ago, someone took down the sign without the church's permission.

"Before going to bed we checked. It was there, in the morning it was gone," said Sosse Dombalagian, who lives across the street from church.

Dombalagian had gotten into the habit of checking the sign every day.

"I'm upset, my husband, both of us, because we live across the street and it's on church property. Stealing three times it's very upsetting," said Dombalagian.

Similar signs across the country have faced vandalism too where people are removing the word 'black' from its message.

Some people told WUSA9 off camera that they didn't like the sign being up in the first place.

"You think in this time and age with diverse people and different backgrounds coming together we would be a little more inclusive. Sad right here in Bethesda it can't be," said Jessico Choe, a Bethesda Resident.

Montgomery County Police said they're following strong leads and they're confident they'll be able to close the case. The church said they'll be replacing the sign yet again.

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