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Man sentenced to 25 years for Md. brutal beating | News

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Man sentenced to 25 years for Md. brutal beating

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- A Maryland man will spend 25 years behind bars for his role in the severe beating of another man last year in Bethesda, Md.

Monday, Niccolo Manzanero was sentenced in Montgomery County after being found guilty of attempted murder earlier this year.

The judge who sentenced Manzanero noted that the video of him and several other men beating another man recorded by by standers was difficult to watch.

"You can't believe that one human being would do this to another human being. The victim is down, he's unconscious and he's kicking his head into a concrete slab," said Maryland State's Attorney John McCarthy.

The incident happened in a parking garage in Bethesda in April of 2013. A good samaritan, Dylan Rawls, who was walking to his car, intervened and stopped the beating.

McCarthy said this was not an isolated incident for Manzanero, making that case with video of a separate incident that shows Manzanero fighting someone else.

"The second video put the lie to the entire tenure of the defense," he said. "This was a young man who went out looking for a fight."

Jose Lacey, a friend, said after the trial that Manzanero battles drug and alcohol addiction.

"I feel like the judge is not taking that into consideration. I feel that the only thing that this judge cared about today was making an example of him for Montgomery County," said an upset Lacey.

Not only did Lacey not agree with the sentence, saying less time in prison and more time in an alcohol and drug treatment program would have better served Manzanero, but he also did not agree with what Manzanero was convicted of.

"This attempted murder stuff," said Lacey, shaking his head, "If he wanted him dead, he would have killed him."

McCarthy said, while the judge went well beyond sentencing guidelines, in this case he thought it was "absolutely appropriate".

"I think, but for the interaction of Dylan Rawls, the victim in this case would not have lived," said McCarthy.

The State's Attorney's Office tells WUSA9 that the victim in the beating is still recovering and going through rehab.