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Press Denied Full Disclosure Of Guandique Documents | News

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Press Denied Full Disclosure Of Guandique Documents

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Another odd twist in the Chandra Levy murder hearings has left the press and media in the dark by federal court officials. 

On Tuesday, federal officials sent a document that was mostly blacked out, because the information about witnesses may cause "media speculation," according to the documents. 

The names, places and other significant details were all blacked out by the feds. In fact, at some points, full pages were redacted in the document. 

This is another instance limiting details to the media, alleging any new information would put a government witness in danger. 

It's been more than a year after Ingmar Guandique was convicted for murdering Levy, and sentenced to 60 years in an Alabama prison. 

Guandique's lawyers were brought back into court on February 7, to discuss something about his conviction for Levy's murder. 

When the media asked for access to the court hearing, the judge allowed access into the courtroom, but didn't let the media hear a word. 

Instead the judge played a noise machine while lawyers for the prosecution and defense talked quietly at the bench. 

WUSA9' s Bruce Leshan attended the early-February hearing, and he cited how awkward the hearing was with the noise machine playing. 

WUSA9 will continue to follow this case and keep fighting for details, to keep you informed. 

Click on the PDF document attached to the story to see the redacted documents sent to the media by the government.