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Part of Hamas Israel Conflict Is Being Fought Online | News

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Part of Hamas Israel Conflict Is Being Fought Online

BETHESDA, MD (WUSA)--- As TV viewers around the world see images of the ongoing rocket and missile conflict between Israel and Hamas, there is also an online fight between the two for the hearts and minds of world citizens who haven't paid careful attention to the issues and who are trying to figure out which side is right and which side is wrong.

Israeli Defense Forces have a twitter account and frequently post explanations of what Israeli is trying to accomplish with it's missile launches, and why.

Eric Dezenhall of Dezenhall Resources Crisis Communications sees the Israeli effort as a difficult one.

"Social media is always worth a gamble but I think that the jury is still out in terms of how effective it is.

"Everybody is using it but we don't really know yet how it works. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't, so I'm always skeptical when I hear people evangelizing social media. There's no question but its a phenomena but I've seen it work and I've seen it have no value," he told 9News Now.

"The Israelis have a military advantage The Palestinians have a PR advantage. The military advantage is straightforward, What the Palestinians do very effectively is they put their terror cells close to schools, close to weddings, close to playgrounds. This way, when the Israelis strike back at missile batteries, collateral damage, innocent people really do die.

"But, in terms of the optical war, that is very powerful. Most human beings that see children or civilians being injured or killed have a visual empathy with that and they usually don't drill down deeper.

"It is not very well understood in this country because we can't fathom that putting civilians near offensive sites is what terror groups like Hamas do.

"It works. It is very effective. It may be immoral, it may be terrible, but it is a very aggressive thing in the PR war.

"What the Israelis are attempting to do is a very uphill battle, which is explain why they are doing what they're doing in the hope that it will offset some of what Hamas is doing. I think it's a tough fight," Dezenhall said.


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