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Golf Tournament Crowd Spiking Sales | News

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Golf Tournament Crowd Spiking Sales

POTOMAC VILLAGE, Md. (WUSA)-- Locally owned businesses in Potomac Village are reporting a huge spike in sales this week, and it's all being attributed to the large crowds from the AT&T National Golf Tournament.

Kristen Grolig is the manager at River Falls restaurant off of River Rd. and Falls Rd. in Potomac Village. She says the restaurant is expected to double its sales on these tournament nights that hungry and thirsty fans will pour into the eatery.

Grolig said, "This is great, we welcome all of this."

She says they've had to beef up their staff with extra cooks, waiters, and bartenders to accommodate the crowds.

The tournament will run through Sunday, and Grolig is hoping the large amounts of people will continue to fill her dining room.