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U.S Corporal Makes Sure His Wife's Valentine's Day is Amazing--Even While Away at War | Families

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U.S Corporal Makes Sure His Wife's Valentine's Day is Amazing--Even While Away at War
U.S Corporal Makes Sure His Wife's Valentine's Day is Amazing--Even While Away at War

U.S. Corporal Phones Maryland Courier with Desperate Plea from the Middle East: Make Sure My Wife Gets A Special Delivery This Valentine’s Day

Like so many soldiers, Colin Caspers, a US Army Reserve Staff Sergeant currently deployed in Afghanistan, misses his wife – but the angst of separation was building this week as Valentine’s Day approached.  With love on his mind and longing in his heart, Caspers hatched a perfect plan to have flowers delivered to her classroom at American University at exactly 5:45pm – 15 minutes before he knew she’d be heading into an exam. 

While finding a florist isn’t difficult, finding one who will deliver at a precise time ON Valentine’s Day – their busiest day of the year - would prove to be an impossible task.  After calling countless florists and getting the same response (“5:45 pm exactly??” “Not possible.”  “No guarantees.”) the ever-resourceful Caspers Googled “Washington Messenger Services” and, in a final act of desperation, picked up his phone in Afghanistan and dialed the number of Mike Davidson, owner of City Express in Bethesda.

Sensing the frustration and anxiety in this soldier’s voice – helpless from thousands of miles away – Davidson told him to relax: “You’ve found your man,” he reassured Casper.  Davidson told him he would take care of everything and, despite being the company’s founder and CEO, would personally pick up and deliver the flowers at the appointed time on Valentine’s Day.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and relief, Caspers continued his tale, telling Davidson that this had been the longest he and his wife had been apart in over six years.  And while he will be returning home in July, his wife, who is also in the Reserves, has learned she may be deployed around the same time – rendering their blissful reunion painfully brief.  He wants to remind her that despite the miles, he loves her and is thinking of her. 

“At City Express we have done hundreds of thousands of deliveries in our 39 years, but helping a soldier like this who is serving our country makes this the best one yet,” said Davidson.  “I was so touched by my conversation with Colin that I have also involved my wife, who has a gift store in Annandale.  She recommended a florist, an arrangement and is even picking out a special gift to accompany the flowers to add to the excitement.”

Caspers assured Davidson - who has been in business since 1972 - that his mother will be in touch with payment.  But for Davidson, the reassurance that love persists through times of war, sacrifice and struggle is payment enough.