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Maryland Listed in America's 20 Geekiest Cities | Arts & Culture

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Maryland Listed in America's 20 Geekiest Cities
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Maryland Listed in America's 20 Geekiest Cities

According to William Pentland of Forbes,  the U.S. National Science Foundation has created a compelling taxonomy of American geeks for gathering the data it includes in its annual “Science and Engineering Indicators” report. In this report, Bethesda, Maryland was listed in the Top 10!

The most recent version of that report defines “geeks” as any workers with a bachelor’s level of knowledge and education inscience or engineering-related fields or workers in occupations that require some degree of technical knowledge or training.

In the “Science and Engineering Indicators 2010,” the NSF ranked the top 20 cities in the United States by percentage of workers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics occupation.

Based on the NSF’s criteria, it turns out that the densest concentrations of geeks in U.S. cities is not necessarily where you would expect. 

Here is the list in ascending order:

1. San Jose, CA

2. Boulder, CO

3. Framingham, MA

4. Huntsville, AL

5. Durham, NC

6. Lowell, MA

7. Washington, D.C.

8. Ithaca, NY

9. Bethesda, MD

10. Seattle-Bellevue, WA

11. Kennewick-Pasco, WA

12. Austin-Round Rock, TX

13. Ames, IA

14. Palm Bay-Titusville, FL

15. Boston, MA

16. Ann Arbor, MI

17. Bloomington-Normal, IL

18. Olympia, WA

19. San Francisco, CA

20. Fort Walton Beach, FL



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