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Local Author Tackles Weight Loss With Humor And Humility | News

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Local Author Tackles Weight Loss With Humor And Humility

BETHESDA, Md (WUSA) -- Many people assume mostly women are obsessed about body image and weight, but Bethesda author Edward Ugel said he is living proof that isn't the case.

He chronicled his weight-loss journal in a new book "I'm with Fatty"; Losing fifty pounds in fifty miserable weeks."

"I think there has been a deficit in that space I think it is erroneous to think that men don't have these same issues," he told us.

Ed a husband and father of two got up to 263 pounds before he had a rude awakening.  His wife taped him snoring and played it for Ed's doctor.  That tape leads to his diagnosis of life-threatening sleep apnea.

"Sleep apnea is nothing to kid around with and you stop breathing for me it was once ever minute I was turning blue and it was a direct result of having gained weight."

And Ed said his wife became more concerned when his weight became a health risk. "She loves me she wants me to be here to raise our kids and to be her mate."

As with many men, Ed's diet downfall didn't strike at home, their family meals were already pretty healthy.  He said he over did it with take-out, especially Asian cuisines.  He had to radically cut back on the fattiest dishes. He also worked with a nutritionist and personal trainer to transform his lifestyle and wrote about it with a humorous twist.  That is how "I'm with Fatty" was born.

But Ed does point out reaching his goal and winning the battle over the bulge was tough.  "It was full of ups and downs, my life with food tends to be full of ups and downs."

The next challenge for Ed will be to keep the weight off.  He told us Weight Watchers worked for him to keep portions under control without cutting out all his favorite foods.  He also found an exercise that he could enjoy almost everyday.  He picked racket ball back up.