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Early Voting In Maryland Begins

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Gov. Martin O'Malley is hoping early voting in Maryland for the first time will create higher voter turnout.

O'Malley, a Democrat, was the 222nd voter who cast a ballot in the primary at the Public Safety Training Facility in Baltimore on Friday afternoon, the first day of early voting in Maryland.

Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, O'Malley's likely opponent in November, also is encouraging people to vote early, even though he's been critical of early voting and vetoed legislation to create it when he was governor.

Ehrlich says it's now the law in the state and he's going to live with it and, it is hoped, take advantage of it. Andy Barth, an Ehrlich campaign spokesman, says Ehrlich is expected to take part in early voting next week.

21st Annual Taste of Bethesda

The 21st annual Taste of Bethesda is scheduled for Saturday, October 2, 2010!
Held at Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle, Bethesda's famous food and music festival brings 50 restaurants and four stages of entertainment.

More than 40,000 attendees sample the appetizing restaurants, enjoy the live entertainment and visit the kid's corner for face painting and cookie decorating.

Admission / Tickets
Admission to the Taste of Bethesda is free. Taste tickets will be sold on-site in bundles of four tickets for $5. Food servings cost one to four tickets.

The event is held along Norfolk, Fairmont, St. Elmo, Cordell and Del Ray Avenues in Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle. Taste of Bethesda is located just three blocks from the Bethesda Metro.

The annual Taste of Bethesda is held in conjunction with Best of Bethesda Day, which also features Come Back to Bethesda classic car show and Rescue Day.

Bethesda Art Walk

The second Friday of every month, Bethesda Galleries and Studios open their studios  from 6pm-9pm for Bethesda Art Walk.

The galleries and studios showcase artwork created locally, nationally and internationally including painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media.

Enjoy several galleries by walking throughout downtown Bethesda. The free Bethesda Circulator stops within a few blocks of each Bethesda Art Walk gallery, and runs continuously throughout the duration of the Art Walk.
Free Bethesda Circulator Route

Heavy-hearted Phillips returns to Cardinal By: Elliott Almond, Bay News Group

Elliott Almond of the Bay Area News reports: GroupStanford lineman Andrew Phillips stoically recalled Monday details about an Aug. 9 plane crash that killed his father and from which his teen-aged brother emerged a heroic survivor.

"I've learned when things get really bad there's still a lot to be thankful for," he said, speaking to Bay Area media about the ordeal for the first time.

The nightmare began for the fifth-year senior when receiving a call in the early hours of Aug. 10 after the first day of fall football camp. His father and brother were on a plane that crashed, mother Janet Phillips told him.

"Some are dead; some are alive."

William D. Phillips, a Washington lawyer and lobbyist, died when a plane carrying him and eight others on a salmon fishing trip crashed into a remote hillside near Dillingham, Alaska. He was 56.

Maryland schools battle with limited funding and space as enrollment grows by Michael Bimbaum, WAPO

Michael Bimbaum for the Washington Post reports: More than 200,000 Maryland students streamed back to crowded classrooms Monday as school systems dealt with growth but little money to hire more teachers.

In Montgomery County, the state's largest school system, parents said they were anxious about increased class sizes but sanguine about the schools' future under a successor to Superintendent Jerry D. Weast, who is retiring in June. Enrollment swelled by 2,200 students -- 1.5 percent -- this year, hundreds more than forecast. Howard and Charles counties also returned to school Monday.

Where Are Montgomery County's New Speed Cameras?

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WUSA)  Montgomery County announced 25 new locations for speed enforcement.   All but one of the following locations will be enforced using six mobile speed vans.  Fixed cameras will be installed at the New Hampshire Avenue location.

Deployment begins August 30th.  Enforcement will be rotated among the sites periodically.

Local Author Tackles Weight Loss With Humor And Humility

BETHESDA, Md (WUSA) -- Many people assume mostly women are obsessed about body image and weight, but Bethesda author Edward Ugel said he is living proof that isn't the case.

He chronicled his weight-loss journal in a new book "I'm with Fatty"; Losing fifty pounds in fifty miserable weeks."

"I think there has been a deficit in that space I think it is erroneous to think that men don't have these same issues," he told us.

Ed a husband and father of two got up to 263 pounds before he had a rude awakening.  His wife taped him snoring and played it for Ed's doctor.  That tape leads to his diagnosis of life-threatening sleep apnea.

"Sleep apnea is nothing to kid around with and you stop breathing for me it was once ever minute I was turning blue and it was a direct result of having gained weight."