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The Mind is Green

The Mind is a Garden

     When I think of what it takes to grow a healthy garden with beautiful flowers and vegetables, I envision that same kind of nurturing when it comes to cultivating the mind.  Think of your mind as a garden.  The more naturally you live the better the garden will function.  If you fill a garden or you mind with anything toxic or unhealthy, the results will be negative.  Like a garden, your mind will thrive and flourish when you fill it with a healthy, positive mindset and lifestyle.  So today, here’s a step you can take in planting a healthy garden or a healthy mind. 

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Prince George's County Breaks Ground on Inter-County Broadband Network

Prince George's County Breaks Ground on Inter-County Broadband Network


This month is off to a productive start in Maryland as Prince George’s County executives broke ground August 1st,  for a construction project that will lay broadband fiber across Prince George’s County and the other jurisdictions that make up the Inter-County Broadband Network (ICBN). 

This project is in accordance with President Obama’s initiative for 98 percent of Americans to have access to at least a landline broadband by 2020, with 100 million homes connected to "affordable" 100Mbps service called for wireless broadband Internet expansion well beyond the goals previously set by the FCC's National Broadband Plan. The President believes an Inter-County Broadband Network will help boost the economic recovery through increased infrastructure spending.

The fiber will span over one hundred miles, connecting 119 sites within Prince George’s County to one another and to the network as a whole

Montgomery County Emergency Mortgage Assistance Event


If you lost income due to involuntary unemployment or medical problems and are behind in your mortgage payments, the State of Maryland has a program that could help save your home from foreclosure. 

Get your application in by mid September, 2011. 

Leggett to Participate in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Washington Nationals Miracle Field


On Monday, August 1st, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett will join Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, Montgomery County Council members Craig Rice and Phil Andrews, U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen,  local government officials and Nationals players and owners to officially open the new Miracle Field in Germantown. 


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Bethesda Row rolls out hot sidewalk sale

BETHESDA, MD (WUSA)-- Angie Goff (@OhMyGoff) reports it was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, but many Virginians decided to shop instead.
Bethesda Row hosted a Summer Sidewalk Sale featuring major markdowns from designer boutiques and restaurants.

MORE: Bethesda Row Stores

One shop had designer denim for as low as $25. Many shoppers did their business before noon to beat the heat. Live music helped keep the mood cool.


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How Far Would You Travel For Your Food?

Do you ever wonder what Wonder Bread is really made of, or how many miles that head of lettuce has traveled? There's nothing like fresh, whole, organic foods to maintain your health and well-being. Farm-fresh produce and meats go directly from the source to your table, leaving little time for nutrients and it's natural vibration to be lost. Many foods at your supermarket have been picked or slaughtered weeks or even months before they make it onto the shelf. Most of these items are preserved by nitrogen or other artificial means, making them appear fresh. Moreover, foods treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers have lower nutritional value than foods growing organically.

Take care of your local producer. Visit your local farmers market, support and join your local CSA. The money you spend on your food speaks louder than you can ever imagine, spend it wisely.


Bethesda FRESHFARM market

Bethesda FRESHFARM market